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MAKE Architecture's 8840 Beverly Will Shine Up Boulevard

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Local firm MAKE Architecture is behind the renovation of 8840 Beverly Boulevard, a commercial building that was damaged in a fire a few years back. The building is right next to under-construction commercial building 8900 Beverly, and it'll be interesting to see if both new buildings bring a little more street life to the area. Even though Bristol Farms and Ralphs up the street are always hopping, and Robertson Boulevard down the street is hopping, this stretch of Beverly Boulevard always feels a little lonely.The building, which used to house jewelry stores, essentially acting as a jewelry mart, according to William Beauter, principal at MAKE, will be finished this fall.

Some of the description via the firm's web site: "The grade to roof glazing on the north and east sides, which steps outward to the street at the second level, conceived to emulate jewel-like qualities with various levels of translucency transparency often seen in the facets of sculpted gems."

Additionally, the "adjacent facade elements comprised of chrome rings of various sizes serve as the conceptual gem "setting"- denoting the entrances at both the street and parking lot facades as well as center pieces of the double height light wells around which interior circulation is organized."

A restaurant is planned as part of the project, and the leasing agent is Scott Roberts at Piken.
· MAKE [Official Site]

8900 beverly boulevard, west hollywood