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Hancock Park Residents Angry Over Delicious Pizza Parking

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Mozza 2 Go, as opposed to Osteria Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza, has caught the ire of Hancock Park residents, reports The Larchmont Chronicle. The Parkers believe people picking up their pies are parking in their area, and it's "annoying," according to HP homeowners association president Chickie Byrne. A rep for Mozza 2 Go at Melrose and Highland is affiliated with Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's Osteria and Pizzeria but with different owners, and its owners says the other restaurants are the problem. Only two of Mozza 2 Go's 15 employees have a car, there's a 20-car lot behind the venue, and they mostly do delivery which negates the need for parking.

Meanwhile, the perpetually packed Osteria can serve 110 people and has no parking for patrons or staff because they were grandfathered into the parking rules of the restaurant formerly there. Byrne doesn't see any differentiation between the Mozzas and charged that the delivery service is "tied up with (Osteria) Mozza whether you like it or not... you are with a colossus next door." A cheesy, melty colossus. The Hancock Park homeowners wants a preferred parking district for the homeowners, but the broke city has a hefty backlog of such requests and can't consider the application for a while. Mozza image from mylastbite via flickr
· Mozza Parking Addressed at CUP Hearing [Larchmont Chronicle]