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Childhood Memories In Jeopardy: "General Hospital" Actor Now a Real Estate Agent

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Brace, soap fans, brace. Former "General Hospital" actor Stuart Damon has joined Coldwell Banker Previews International, where he will work selling luxury real estate under the Damon Group umbrella. Damon played Dr. Alan Quartermaine on ABC’s ‘General Hospital’ until his character died during a hostage situation back in 2007. According to the press release from Coldwell Banker, Damon is also a longtime real estate buyer, having invested in "many high-profile California commercial development projects." So far, it doesn't look like the Damon Group has any listings posted yet, but there are images of a few crazy homes that either are in Beverly Park or France. It sure ain't Port Charles. House hunters, pepper him with questions about Luke and Laura!
· Damon Group [Official Site]