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How Do I Give Away 20,000 Gallons of Water?

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Has no budding entrepreneur dreamed up a solution to this problem? A reader writes in: "I have an interesting conundrum that Curbed LA may be able to help with. I have a pool that is in need of repair and would have to drain the pool, but dislike the idea of pouring it down the drain. I have called different water companies who may be able to use it for dust mitigation, irrigation or for any other number of things, but it appears that no one is interested. Given the amount of pools in Southern California, I would think that someone would have already tapped into the idea but I have not found anyone. That said, I have submitted a Craigslist posting for free greywater, have contacted Cal Poly Pomona’s Center for Regenerative Studies and am reaching out to very other potential outlet possible to put the water to good use. If there is any resource you may have or if there is any way you could see to positing about this sort of dilemma, I think that it could prompt some interest."
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