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Facebook Page Allows Airing of Grievances on Wilshire Bus Lane

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The Brentwood Community Council has launched a discussion page regarding the proposed Wilshire bus-only lane on their Facebook profile, which describes the BCC as "the most inclusive Brentwood community organization, representing all the stakeholders of the 90049 community." Things have remained civil on the discussion board--a few posters have come down against the lane, saying it didn't work when tried as a pilot program in West LA a few years back. Another poster said it's a way to "stick it" to the westside. A supporter says the lane will increase access to the subway, and touts New York's bus-only lanes as successes. The last comment trashes the lane, and then brings out the B word: "You should know that there is large and growing, very politically active group that is organizing because of traffic problems on the Westside in the context of a very large proposed development call Bundy Village. This group is growing rapidly and if traffic does not improve they are very likely to take political action."
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