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Kanner Architects' Stephen Kanner Passes Away

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There are many architects in this city who treat web sites with trepidation, who don’t want renderings or construction photos of their work out there in the blogosphere. Stephen Kanner, who died last Friday, wasn’t one of those architects. Whenever I would call about one of his projects, like the Superior at Venice Apartments or Exposition Boulevard, or his rehab of Luckman Plaza, or the new Sunset Vine Tower, Kanner would get on the phone, always happy to answer questions about the state of one of his construction sites, always willing to have his staff forward me the latest renderings of a building. Last August, he told me over the phone the work I did at Curbed was important, and it's a compliment that I've never forgotten. His death at age 54 of cancer has brought tributes, for both him and his work, which ranged from his transformation of the 1932 El Paseo building to his favorite project, the In-N-Out Burger in Westwood. According to his friend Steven Sann, one of Kanner's last "unbuilt" projects is scheduled to rise at Gayley and Le Conte avenues. We hope to see it go up, and extend our condolences to his family and friends. Kanner via LA Times; Kanner Architects' Sunset and Vine Tower
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