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Trio of Fixer-Upper Chalets in Long Beach

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For all your Long Beach ski trips, we guess? Thanks to a reader for guiding us to this listing, which describes "high sloped roofs, impressive fireplaces, large balconies, and great neighborhood views from top of the hill. Lots of woods, and lots of windows." The property is actually three two-story units--two one bedroom, one bathrooms, and a two bedroom, two bathroom--and the listing puts monthly rental income at $2,675 (with all three units occupied). The whole thing sold in March for $190,000. Even with the dreaded "TLC" and "AS-IS" and an asking price of $375,000, the property is already under contract a week and a half after hitting the market.
· 3367 North CREST Dr #3 [Redfin]

3367 N. Crest Dr., Long Beach, CA