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Manhattan Beach Sand Dune Reopens This Weekend Under Iron Fist

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Manhattan Beach's controversial Sand Dune Park reopens to the children this weekend, with adults allowed in starting Monday. The sand dune has been closed for almost a year while city officials figured out how to manage the hordes damaging the dune in a quest for low-impact exercise. A compromise was reached in April, with the city agreeing to let exercisers back in under a reservation system. The specifics weren't hammered out until more recently. We'll give you a second to grab a pen and paper.

The dune will be split up, with one half for kids 12 and under and one half for adults. Only adults need reservations, which are available at six times (20 people each) on weekdays and three times on Saturdays. No adults are allowed on the dune on Sundays. A third area at the bottom of the dune, for kids and adults to hang together, will be open seven days a week with no reservation. According to the Beach Reporter, reservations are $3.50 each, but adults can buy for a year at $60 plus $1 per reservation (that equals 25 times per year to get your money's worth). Reservations will require a license number, a license plate number, name, address, and probably a link to your Facebook page so they can see if you're into good music. Actual access requires a photo ID and a print out of the reservation.

Kids can slide down the dune on cardboard, but nothing else. And there's no reentry for adults, so they can't do a circuit "of walking down the dune, over to the stairs and back onto the dune," according to the Beach Reporter.

And finally, an unpopular quarter of the dune will be off limits to protect the endangered Orcutt's yellow pincushion that grows there.
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