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Hollywood's Emerson College Goes Forward, No Noon Stop-Time*

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Earlier this week, the Planning and Land Use Management Committee approved that Morphosis-designed Emerson College building, a move which sends it to a full City Council vote. You'll remember that East-West Studios, a nearby recording studio had been fighting the 10-story Sunset Boulevard project, claiming that vibration from the building's construction would harm their recording sessions. Now East-West Studios, located across the street from the proposed project, is insisting they will go belly up if the building goes forward. UPDATE*: The noon stop time verus 2pm stop time only refers to the times being considered for specific heavy construction, while other types of construction can go forward past those times.

The city had already offered some noise mitigations, but attorney Robert Silverstein, who represents the studio, said those concessions "don't go far enough."

Claiming that 51 East-West Studio employees will lose their jobs due to the fact that they won't be able to record in the afternoon, studio owner Doug Rogers asked the city for a 6 am-12:00 pm construction work schedule for the Emerson building rather than the 6 am-2pm schedule proposed by the Planning Department.

But Planning Department staff said work would would drag on if construction shut down at noon, while a rep for Emerson disputed East-West Studios' assertions that the vibration issues would be so dramatic.

Leron Gubler, head of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who spoke out in favor of the project, raised the issue that the Technicolor building at 6040 Sunset Blvd recently went up--and right next to East West Studios--without huge problems. "I have to believe it's possible to erect this building without putting East West out of business," he said.

In the end, the city declined the requested earlier stop time, sticking to the 2pm stop time.

Calls to East West and Silverstein's office weren't returned.
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