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Inside Downtown's United Artist Theater, 3rd Street Question

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We're skipping out early today, summer hours-style! See you back on Monday.

Via You are Here
DOWNTOWN: The city's biggest theater booster, Hillsman Wright, passes on a recently shot video of downtown's United Artist Theater. "Thanks to LA Historic Theatre Foundation volunteer Don Solosan for this look at the glories of the house that Pickford built. Currently on the market, along with the 12 story office building in front, the LAHTF is looking for an angel or angels to help us purchase this treasure and reactivate it with film and live performances." Here's the Facebook link. [Facebook]

THIRD STREET: Another construction hole, another question. "What's going on on corner of 3rd St and George Burns (I think that's the cross street)... it's right where the parking lot used to be for the 3rd Stop. They've been doing construction for a while, with a deep, deep hole, and looks like they're building a parking lot right now deep into the ground... what's going on top?" Another part of Cedars-Sinai, perhaps? There was a recent ground-breaking there. [Curbed InBox]