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New West LA Skateboard Park, Pico-Robertson Construction

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WEST LA: Stoner Skate Plaza, the best-named skateboard park of the city, opened late last week. Already thronged by teenagers and 20somethings (and a few brave young-ins on scooters; one almost accidentally knocked out by a skater), the concrete humps and bumps have brought out many looky-loos, making the already popular Stoner Recreation Center even more crowded. [Curbed Staff]

PICO-ROBERTSON: A reader believes there's a new hotel going up on Pico and Beverwil. Eh? "Any any idea what hotel is going into that space. Massive construction going on, I think it use to be the Beverly Cartlon or something." [Curbed InBox]

Stoner Skate Park

1835 Stoner Ave., Los Angeles, CA

1835 Stoner Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025