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Whittier Winning More Fans in Eastside Light Rail Race

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The community meetings are progressing on the second eastward extension of the Gold Line, which currently terminates on Atlantic Boulevard in East LA. Metro is trying to decide whether to take the route on a straight shot east along the 60 Freeway around South El Monte, or for the line to curve southward toward Pico Riviera and Whittier along Washington Boulevard. The Whittier Daily News reports that the second option is gaining more proponents, with Washington Boulevard receiving 348 positive comments, while the freeway route was given 111. Certain issues arose with the freeway option: the 60 line goes through a landfill, space for the Gold Line may be taken up by the high-speed rail route, and a proposed station at Santa Anita Road is in a flood plain. None of these issues are necessarily deal breakers though; there's still more community meetings and the transit agency will decide on the preferred route next year.
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