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Looking to Block Broad, Shen Yun Group Continues PR War

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Get out the popcorn because there are now two very entertaining PR wars underway. One is Sonny Astani's reign of terror against the FDIC, and the other is Shen Yung's reign of terror against the CRA. Continuing to cry foul over the city's negotiations for Eli Broad's proposed museum, the backers of the Shen Yun/Fei Tian Arts Center held another press conference in downtown this morning. There wasn't much new information announced--the group still wants their proposed arts center/dorm tower considered for the site. Like Astani, Shizong Chen, the spokesman for the Shen Yung group, is now playing the jobs card. "There are thousands of construction jobs and permanent jobs that can be created [with the Shen Yun tower]," said Chen, who criticized delays on the overall Grand Ave project. Before, it was just a few print outlets that covered the Shen Yun drama, but today's event drew a handful of news trucks and a few tanned-looking TV anchor types.
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