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Decision In: CPUC Approves At-Grade Crossing for Farmdale

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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today approved an at-grade rail crossing for Farmdale Avenue, according to a press release from the CPUC. The news isn't entirely surprising given that a CPUC officer tentatively OK'd the crossing last month. Via the press release: "The new station will be adjacent to Susan Miller Dorsey High School and will allow for at-grade vehicular and pedestrian crossings with extensive safety procedures and mechanisms. The station will have near-side platforms on both sides of Farmdale Ave. All trains approaching the crossing will stop at the station before entering the crossing, and upon leaving the station all trains will proceed through the crossing at speeds of no more than 15 mph." No immediate word from those who'd fought against this configuration, claiming students would be at risk. UPDATE: Here's video of the decision. Wow, the commissioners look a lot like the Ruling Council of Elders of Krypton from the Superman movie.