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Neutra's Hafley Residence in Long Beach

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Built in 1953, Neutra's Hafley Residence has hit the market according to the folks at Crosby Doe, who note it's a "first offering." A Long Beach Historic Landmark #29, the two-bedroom, four-bath home was built at its neighbor at 5551 La Pasada, according to Long Beach's web site. More: "With simple stucco walls, high banded windows, cedar shake roof with redwood eaves (exposed on the inside), and sliding glass doors leading to the outdoors, the design reflects the ideas of the International Style." But there's always room for improvement. Via the listing: "While not mandated, a shared rear yard permits deeper expansion of the structure into the lot resulting in a grand horizontal open plan interior space flowing freely to the patio and garden, & pre-figuring Neutra's Brown House in Bel Air." Yours for $850,000.
· 5561 East LA PASADA St [Redfin]