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Elysian Valley Bike Path Delays Lead to Renegade Action

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Since ground broke in June 2009, cyclists have been waiting for work to finish on the Elysian Valley bike path, the southern extension of the Glendale Narrows bikeway that currently runs around Griffith Park and into Los Feliz and Atwater Village along the LA River--the extension would add 2.7 miles and stretch over 7 miles from the Valley to close to Dodgers Stadium. Already used unofficially as a bike and pedestrian path, the extension is getting resurfaced, lights are being added, and an underpass is being built under Fletcher Drive, the northern point of the extension. But as reported by the LA Creek Freak blog, work has all but ceased on the path, which was initially set for completion in December 2009. Delays were initially blamed on a rainy winter and a change in "lighting specifications" by the city midway through the project. New asphalt has already been poured but fences are up to keep people out; nature-hungry rebels are prying open and pushing down the fences to get to the path. The Glendale Narrows Riverwalk, a separate project, is supposed to start construction this summer but no word yet on groundbreaking. Bike path image from mynameismobydick via Flickr
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