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LaFetra Still Chopping Away at Schindler's How House

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Rudolph Schindler's Silver Lake How House is now under $2 million, so will someone please buy it (Brad?)? It's really starting to bum us out. The Jeff Fink-restored/Michael LaFetra-owned house first showed up on the market in September 2008, listed at $4.995 million, and has seen chop after chop, hitting half-off in May. It is now July, the house is now $1.895 million. How has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a Richard Neutra-designed garden, and is registered under the Mills Act. C'mon potential buyers, are you holding out for a pool?
· 2422 SILVER RIDGE Ave [Redfin]
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How House

2422 Silver Ridge Ave. , Los Angeles, CA