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Los Angeles Will Be So Much Fun When We Get High-Speed Rail

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Gateway Park mock-ups by Andrew Blaisdell

A couple months ago, railLA, a very "rah-rah go rail" advocacy group consisting of the LA chapters of the American Planning Association and the American Institute of Architects, put out the call for "projects and ideas for an exhibition on the urban possibilities associated with a new rail infrastructure," particularly in Downtown LA. The exhibition opens tomorrow at the City National Plaza. Architects and other wonks have submitted total transformations of Union Station and detailed suggestions for incorporating the San Fernando Valley into the high-speed rail network, but it's Wednesday afternoon so let's look at the fun stuff and the radical renderings. The Gateway Park plan includes gateway arches over Downtown streets and "a new iconic pedestrian overpass" (both seen above). Bring Back the NFL says "hey, bring back the NFL," but it suggests putting a stadium east of Union Station rather than near the Staples Center, and it throws in a trolley. And one concise fellow suggests shutting down San Vicente "like NYC did Broadway."

WET+LA from railLA on Vimeo.

· railLA [Official Site]