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Park Turns to a Parking Lot in Lincoln Heights

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Per Brayj Against the Machine, an angry resident of Lincoln Park has made a video explaining how locals are parking in a park that houses Plaza de la Raza, turning what was once a greenish lawn into a dust bowl. The fact that people are parking in a park (illegally, according to this YouTube correspondent) is only the beginning: "Bounded by two massive car-only roads, Mission and Valley, Lincoln Park features a surprising lack of safe crosswalks. The park is bounded by terrible sidewalks, either crowded with utility poles or destroyed by Parks and Rec work crews in their efforts to install sprinklers around drought tolerant planting areas." Also, there are no trash cans and the playground equipment at the park is "filthy." Yeah, this stuff wouldn't fly in Brentwood.

· Campaign for a Park Free Lincoln Park [Brajy Against the Machine]