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Raphael Soriano's Jefferson Park Lukens House Needs a Savior

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The preservation signal has gone up in the skies over Jefferson Park. Raphael Soriano's 1940 Lukens House is in a dire state and looking for a buyer who will shower it with some historically-accurate love. The listing says the "Exterior of the house...maintained its architectural integrity, although the interior of the house is in complete disarray." The house was built for ceramic artist and USC professor Glen Lukens, but it's been vacant for some time, and in 2007 became a historic-cultural monument under threat of demolition by city order.

According to the HCM application (link goes to a pdf), the house forms a "u" around a raised terrace, with casement windows winding around the entire building. It has a central fireplace and once had loads of Soriano-designed built-ins, including metal kitchen cabinetry, a couch, desks, bed, dinette set, and music center with a radio, record player, and speakers. The toilets, showers, kitchen cabinets, and some built-in shelves and closet space are still around.

The site the house sits on was once part of the Lycurgus Lindsay estate (that estate's main house is up on West Adams Blvd.), and a set of steps from the estate's garden walk has been worked into the house. An original low tile wall from the Lindsay estate circles the perimeter.

The house is listed at $290,000 for a cash sale.
· 3425 West 27TH St [Redfin]

Lukens House

3425 W. 27th St., Los Angeles, CA

Lukens House

3425 West 27th St., Los Angeles, CA