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Frank Gehry Has An Opinion On Your Childhood Home-Replacing Architecture

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Damn, there is a reason our brother in New York thinks Frank Gehry's middle name is an expletive. Gehry does not care at all that his childhood house in Toronto is probably going to be torn down--he tells the Globe and Mail "There are some things that should be preserved, but there’s a lot of stuff preserved that’s irrelevant, and I don’t think the fact that I or my grandparents were there has any real historic value to anybody." Isn't that menschy? And that is where the magnanimity ends. Here are the things he says about the Core Architects condo building proposed for the site:

"It’s awful...It’s probably some young architectural firm." [Ed. -- it's not.]

"I hope they don’t put a plaque in the lobby that says I lived there...I would be insulted by that. Who wants a plaque with your name on it in some shitty-looking lobby?"

"It would have been great if it could have been a really great building they built there...but that would be too much to expect, wouldn’t it?"

"Mr. Gehry said supporters of 12° have been in touch with him to talk about acknowledging his historic link to the property. He called this 'a generous gesture, maybe, or an opportunistic gesture, I don’t know.'"

Having your building design trashed by the world-famous architect whose childhood home its going to replace? It seems like something there'd be a German word for. The G&M adds "there’s been no real groundswell to stop the demolition of 15 Beverley."
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