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Final Word Coming Soon on Sunset Time Project

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The WeHo News reports on a public hearing last week on the Sunset Time project, the glowing mixed-use development ok'd by West Hollywood's planning commission in March. The meeting allowed discussion on the seven-story structure that, if built, will replace the House of Blues club. The full city council will likely decide on the project August 16.

The sloping building--condos are immediately below Sunset, with the affordable housing below that on De Longpre--will contain 149 hotel rooms, 40 residential condominium units, 27 affordable housing units (there were critiques that wasn't enough affordable apartments and what they do have are too small), and 35,456 square feet of Sunset-facing retail, including outdoor seating. Parking will be off of Olive. The WeHo News has video of Kanner Architects' Stephen Kanner, who passed away earlier this month, talking about the project and its LED supergraphic screen that wraps around the project.

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