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Wrecking Ball Could Be Swinging Toward Frank Gehry's First Home

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[Images via blogTO]

The childhood home of the world's most famous architect, known for his shiny, undulating forms, is set to be torn down to make way for a cool-looking condo tower. It seems like something there'd be a German word for. BlogTO reports from Toronto that a ten story building is set to rise on the site of the house where Frank Gehry grew up--he lived there from 1929 (the year he was born) until 1947 (the year he left for California). 15 Beverley was built in 1858, but has been altered and is "fairly non-descript," according to the blog. Nonetheless, on Gehry alone, the building has been listed as a heritage site, but not as the more protective designated heritage site. BlogTO says that means "there is relatively little the city can do to prevent its eventual demolition if the developer wants to fight over it." The new building, designed by Toronto-based Core Architects and developed by BSAR, is called 12 Degrees, and the blog says it "fits into the context of the streetscape pretty well." Toronto's city council will consider the project on August 17.
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