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Choppa de Oro: No One Wants to Buy Nic Cage's House

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It's a million dollar chop for Copa de Oro, the former home of Nicolas Cage, or, as the listing prefers to call it, the "estate formerly owned by Dean Martin and Tom Jones." Now owned by Citibank, the Bel Air property--which first hit the market back in 2008 for $30 million--eventually was relisted after failing to attract any buyers at auction held earlier this year. Priced at $12.75 million in late April, it's currently listed for $11.8 million, or about $2 million more than Cage's latest movie, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, grossed last weekend. In other sad Nic Cage news, a disappointing number of nerds turned out to see the trailer for his next film, Drive Angry 3-D, at this year's Comic-Con, but on the positive side, several of the nerds who did thought it looked cool.--Pauline O'Connor
· 363 Copo de Oro Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90077> [Redfin]