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Drunk People Singing in the South Bay, Del Taco to Die for Something Better?

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SOUTH BAY: A cab driver/university student in the South Bay has turned his regular old taxi into a Karaoke Taxi, decked out with microphones, two LCD monitors, and a huge, homemade song book. Best of all, the Karaoke Taxi has a YouTube channel. [Easy Reader News]

HOLLYWOOD: A reader writes in, concerned for the nourishment of his local prostitutes: "While grabbing my breakfast burrito this morning, I saw notices indicating that the notorious Del Taco at the corner of Highland Avenue and Santa Monica Blvd will be closing July 29th. With all the retail and residential planned in this neighborhood, just curious if there are already development plans for this very prominent corner. And where will I (not to mention all the transvestites, prostitutes, meth addicts, and film editors) go for our burrito fix? Just wondering..." Judging by a zone change granted last year, Del Taco is destined to become single-story retail. And there's a Taco Bell at Vine. [Curbed Inbox]