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Dennis Hopper's Gehry/Murphy/Etc. Compound in Venice

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Even Dennis Hopper had a Noguchi coffee table. His is probably real, and it's surrounded by Jackson Pollocks and vintage motorcycles, but still. Hopper died in May and his compound's real estate agents are not shy about this place's pedigree--they started teasing us earlier this week and the listing (click 330 Indiana Ave.) calls this the Hopper Compound. The property totals five buildings, a lap pool, and a pool house. There's a main house designed by Brian Murphy, three two-story Frank Gehry condos, and what the listing calls "a 100-year old guest cottage." Asking price is $6.245 million.

A 2001 article in Cigar Aficionado of all places describes the estate and Hopper's history with it:

"Hopper's sprawling Venice complex includes two loft studios and an enormous metal silo -- a kind of modern art bunker, which houses Hopper's paintings and photography as well as an impressive $8 million collection of works by Ruscha, Julian Schnabel, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Serra, George Herms and Warhol...

"'When I was still in rehab, the doctor suggested I leave Taos and come back to reality.' Hopper laughs. 'Reality? In L.A.? Anyway, Venice was the only place in L.A. I could remember enjoying because all my painter and poet friends lived here.'

"Hopper bought one of three loft studios designed by renowned architect and friend Frank Gehry and had architect Brian Murphy make it livable. A few years later, Hopper had Murphy build what Hopper calls 'the Art Barn.' He has since bought a second Gehry studio and Murphy linked the structures, knocking out walls and building connecting staircases.

"'It's been described as a floodlit fortress,' Murphy says. 'It's an interior landscape bereft of windows with sliding walls that can showcase his enormous art collection on both sides. The entire structure keeps morphing to suit his changing lifestyle. Dennis is a very sophisticated person in terms of aesthetics and he's been very involved in aspects of the design.'

"Last year, Hopper purchased the small Craftsman house on the opposite side of the main house, transforming it into a modern guest cottage situated near his new combination lap pool/Jacuzzi. 'I tried to buy that little house for years, but the old lady who lived there just wouldn't sell it to me,' Hopper says. 'She finally died and her daughter quickly sold it to me. I guess I outlived her,' he says, with a grin."
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Dennis Hopper Compound

330 Indiana Ave., Los Angeles, CA

330 Indiana Ave., Los Angeles, CA