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ModOp Design's Latest Flip in Highland Park

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At one point, everyone relied on the gays to be the real estate pioneers, to lay the seeds of gentrification by restoring the Craftsmans and Spanish-style homes of the Highland Park, Echo Park, and Silver Lake area. If there's a new Johnny Appleseed, it's the flipping teams, who've arrived with both cash and cute names for their companies. Looking to knock down reigning flipper kings Better Shelter, new flippers ModOp Design arrived in April, handily flipping this Echo Park home and turning a tidy profit. Here's their latest: This two-bedroom, one-bath home, described as an "impeccably restored 1927 Spanish Hacienda in a great Highland Park location." According to the listing, the home's "beautiful original details have been carefully restored," while "renovations utilized the highest quality materials such as a bathroom featuring an Italian porcelain floor tile." The home sold for $252,000 in April and is now asking $429,000.
· 1829 North AVENUE 51 [Redfin]