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A Very Rustic Compound in Mt. Washington

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According to its listing, this rustic spread in Mount Washington was once home to Leonidas Ossetynski, the Polish-born writer-director who co-authored the book To The Actor with noted actor-director Michael Chekhov. Per the listing, the half-acre property contains four buildings: a two-bedroom, one bath main house; a sauna house with kitchenette and sleeping area; a workshop; and guesthouse, "all w/ panoramic views & exquisite wood detailing imbued by Leonidas Ossetynski in the Zakopane mountain style of his native Poland." We won't pretend we're familiar with the aforementioned style, but it sounds lovely. Asking price is $699,000.--Pauline O'Connor
· 1736 Wollam St, Los Angeles, CA 90065 [Redfin]

1736 Wollam Street, Los Angeles