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Michael LoGrande Said to Be Next Planning Dept Head

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LoGrande getting an autograph from real estate agent Chad Rogers at the opening of the W Hotel back in 2008. Rumor is that LoGrande mistook Rogers for one of the Jonas brothers and was getting the autograph for one of his kids.

Meet your new head of Planning, Los Angeles: Michael LoGrande, the city’s chief zoning administrator, is the pick, according to the Los Angeles Times, quoting anonymous city officials. LoGrande replaces Gail Goldberg, who had been criticized for not getting the department aboard the city's 12-2 program, a long-touted plan to speed up development. Via the paper: "On Friday, Councilman Tom LaBonge said a decision to hire LoGrande would show that the mayor is shifting focus toward the effort to expedite the process of approving planning applications."
· Villaraigosa chooses City Hall veteran as planning chief [LAT]