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Sawtelle Boulevard's St. John's Wood Finished, Still British

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Some sort of magic water was sprinkled around Sawtelle Boulevard because first Soho Square hit the market and sold nearly all of its condos (it seemed like it was a perfect storm of moderate pricing, FHA financing, and location), and now St. John's Wood, the second development from developer Peter Wilson has hit the market. As usual, Wilson, a Brit himself, is as chipper as ever about the state of this most recent project. "Have put 25 units (out of 55) into escrow in less than three we are highly delighted!" he writes in an email. The project, which is FHA-approved, is offering two-bedrooms, two baths priced from $439,000 to $499,000 and loft-style two bedrooms from $559,000 to $599,000. It would seem that Brits are doing pretty well when it comes to the great condo smackdown around Sawtelle (three major condo projects trying to unload around Sawtelle Blvd, all within close proximity). The others are T-Lofts and the now-stalled Exposition Avenue.
· Britishification of Sawtelle Continues [Curbed LA]

St. John's Wood

1700 Sawtelle, Los Angeles