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Leonardo DiCaprio Enters Your Dreams, Greene & Greene's Ford House

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Hanging out in other people's subconsciouses can be a scary business, Christopher Nolan tells us in Inception, so you might as well have somewhere nice to come home to, like a 1908 Greene & Greene. According to Pasadena's filming website, the Inception production shot at Pasadena's Freeman A. Ford House, notable for its stained glass and Greene-designed details, for several days last November (they went by Subconscious Productions, Inc.). In the movie it plays ex-architect Leonardo DiCaprio's house. As far as we can tell, the six bedroom, five bathroom Ford is privately owned and last changed hands in 2001 for $2.5 million. More photos here. (And bonus Inception SoCal archifact: the forger character's name is Eames.)
· Freeman A. Ford House [USC]