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Westchester Homeowners Want Extra Station on Crenshaw Line

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Details are crystallizing for the planned Crenshaw light-rail that will travel from the Green Line, connect to LAX, and hit the Expo Line at the Crenshaw station. The Argonaut breaks down the latest community meetings, which focused partly on where to locate the train maintenance yard--El Segundo said hell to the no about putting it in their city, but Westchester seems happy to have it as long as they get an extra station that's built above the street all Chicago-like.

"The light rail line will have at least one station where Westchester residents can board the light rail line, at Aviation and Century boulevards," reports the paper. "An optional location, which a group of east Westchester homeowners have lobbied in favor of, could be located at Aviation and Manchester Avenue." The former stop would provide a link to LAX via a People Mover. Another reason Westchesters may be warming to the line is that the 60-year-old Westchester Playhouse will not be displaced--previously, it was considered as a possible casualty of the light-rail. More community meetings will take place next month, Metro will consider the Manchester station at another round of meetings, and pick the route in December (opening, without the 30/10 plan, is anticipated as 2018). Meanwhile, the Green Line extension to LAX, a separate project, is still supposedly moving forward but the website is a bit moribund.
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