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Mayor Not Hip to Venice's New RV Parking Ban

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Everyone knew that when the City Council OK'd a motion to ban oversize vehicles in Venice last month, it was really just a round-about way to ban the RVs--and the people that live out of them--from the neighborhood. And while the Mayor didn't veto the ordinance, he didn't sign off on it, a sign of non-support, according to The Argonaut. "When the new law came before Villaraigosa, he returned it without signature, telling the council members that he expressed his opposition to the lawsuit settlement in an earlier letter and encourages them to use the ordinance only as a starting point.

More from the Argonaut:

“In that letter I suggested that the city must do a better job of approaching the issues relating to homeless persons residing in vehicles in a serious and thoughtful manner,” the mayor wrote. “Since I am fully aware that this amendment to the municipal code regarding regulation of so-called ‘oversize vehicles’ is the latest attempt to address certain of those issues, I would urge the council to use it as a jumping-off point to something more positive.” Yo Venice has the actual letter. According to the paper, the Mayor is worried this ordinance will have affect where commercial trucks, buses or other big vehicles can eventually park in other parts of the city. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl defends the ordinance, saying "it's another tool in the tool box for police to deal with the issues that we have." Rosendahl had pushed for the RV ordinance after being denied parking permits by the Coastal Commission. At the time, Coastal Commissioner Mary Shallenberger said was the "Coastal Commission's job to be the balance between homeless and residents."
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