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Skunk Stomping Grounds Uncovered in Los Feliz

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"I took these last photos night at a house a block over from mine in Los Feliz," writes Curbed contributor Pauline O'Connor, sending in these photos. "At one point, I counted 8 skunks in the vicinity." But, hey Pauline is a fan of these critters. "Even though our dog has been sprayed nine times by skunks in the two years we've lived in this neighborhood, once getting a blast so toxic, it caused warts to break out on her head, we've developed a real soft spot for the little stinkers."

More from Pauline: "There's something about the way skunks trundle along awkwardly, yet can disappear in a flash through the tiniest crack in a fence; the way they stiffen into an exclamation point when you surprise them suddenly, the way they stamp their little feet to warn you to back off, that we find hopelessly adorable.

Plus, they eat bugs, not your pets. So when, coming home late one night, we stumbled upon a veritable stench of skunks--of course that would be the collective noun for them, ha ha good one, lexicographers--having a hoe-down in the front yard of a house about a block away from our house, our wondering eyes were as transfixed as those of the kitty staring out the window. The "Beware of Dog" sign makes an especially nice touch, dontchathink?"

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