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Questionably-Updated Short Sale in Los Feliz

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Perhaps this two bedroom, two bathroom house in Los Feliz started life in 1923 as a storybook house, but it looks like every owner since then has added his own personal update. The listing calls it an "Enchanting and stylish classic home located on one of the most attractive streets in prime Los Feliz," and points out the finished loft/attic, yard, and views. But like the house itself, the price has seen its ups and downs. After a bumpy nineties and solid early aughts, the house last sold in 2006 for $735,000. It's now a short sale at $499,900. How much of the loss can we blame on that bathroom basin sink situation?
· 1530 SANBORN Ave [Redfin]

1530 Sanborn Ave., Los Angeles, CA