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Hollywood Walk of Fame Throws Itself a Birthday Party

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HOLLYWOOD: The Hollywood Walk of Fame is throwing itself a big party this Sunday, all part of the 50th anniversary of the walkway. From 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m, there will be "open house" tours of Hollywood theatres and studios, live music, music screenings, and more. The Hollywood & Highland Center, including the TV Guide studio, Egyptian Theatre, Capitol Records and the Montalban Theatre are some of those taking part in the event. We're told events are offered free or at a "deep discount." Bars and restaurants are also offering food and drink specials, too. According to the official site for the event, the idea for a Hollywood walk of stars was first talked about in 1953, and by 1960, there was a ground-breaking for the walkway. Producer Stanley Kramer ("On the Beach," Guess Who's Coming to Dinner") was the first to get a star. More via the official site [Curbed InBox]