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Meeting the Model Unit at Marina Del Rey's Latitude 33

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Last week, Latitude 33 in Marina del Rey, the building formerly known as Pier Pointe, held a big bash, conveying a message that read--"hey, the real estate market isn't just about auctions and price cuts"--and showed off its model units. At the party, people seemed tipsy, happy, and genuinely interested in the model units (rather than the bar or one another as is often at the case at these parties), so perhaps that's a good sign for this building, which has a lot of units to unload. Here's a look at a 1,925 square three-bedroom that'll be priced somewhere in the $700,000s (exact pricing is still being determined). This building is in the Boardwalk portion of the complex, and HOAs in this building start at $750. HOAs in the Sky portion of the building start in the $800s. Additionally, a third building, The Beach, is planned.
· Latitude 33 [Official Site]

Latitude 33

330 washington Boulevard, marina del rey