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R.M. Schindler Gregory Ain Mashup in the Hollywood Hills

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This might just be the first R.M. Schindler--Gregory Ain mashup we've featured on the site. To the listing for the Hollywood Hills home, located on Pacific View Drive: "Gordon House Remodel 1950. A duplex with one side remodeled by R.M. Schindler; shortly thereafter Gregory Ain moved into the other side and, per the owner, remodeled the other 1/2. Arguably, two of the most seminal mid-century architects' work within the same building." The listing says the home, originally built as a hunting cabin, has been in the same family for 80 years. They're asking $799,000. The actual listing isn't coming up on the MLS (that we can tell), but Johnny Johnston--hey, hey what a name!-- at Sotheby's has the listing.
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