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Harper WestHollywood and Ramona, Living Side by Side

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Anyone watching the construction of the Harper WestHollywood, that recently opened 40-unit condo project in Harper Avenue knows the at-times controversial history of the project: Because the 86-year-old Ramona Apartments was deemed as a historic site, local developer GTO built around the complex, a complicated job that included renovating both the Ramona and putting an entire new building next door. Ric Abramson at WORKPLAYS calls this project one of the the biggest challenge he's faced as an architect. "You're dealing with a high density infill on a tight lot, with a historic complex on the site," he says. There was also the political element, while Abramson was designing an affordable housing component. You can see the final outcome in the gallery (descriptions below the photos).

The Ramona Apartments, an 8-unit rent stabilized complex, was renovated, and will likely be marketed as permanent affordable for-sale housing (three of the original tenants will be returning; all tenants were given first rights to buy).

Additionally, the façade and front portion of the third building of the Ramona was preserved, and essentially a new building was tacked on to that portion. The original windows of the Ramona were kept, and new landscaping and historical-looking lamps were added.

As for the new building, Abramsom said keeping the scale appropriate was important so as to not overshadow the Ramona. To that end, walk-up steps, another courtyard, and trees were added, while Abramson also said he was inspired by Leland Bryant, the well-known architect who built many of the townhomes around the neighborhood in the 1920s.

And as reported before, the one-bedrooms will be priced from the mid $500,000s and two-bedrooms in the low $700,000s, and there are eight different floor plans.
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Harper WestHollywood

1236-1246 N. Harper Avenue, west hollywood