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Ball Nogues to LAX? Millard House Loses Another Million

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We're cutting out early for the long weekend. See you back on Tuesday!

YouTube video of Ball Nogues project
LAX: Installation kings Ball Nogues' latest video shows a new project for the new Bradley West Terminal at LAX, according to their Twitter stream. Benjamin Ball, one half of the design company, couldn't comment on the video, and would only tell us "the instillation is going to come together a lot more in next three months." And we all know Bradley West is coming together. [Curbed Staff]

PASADENA: Jeezum, some people probably have forgotten this is still on the market, but Frank Lloyd Wright's famous La Miniatura house--which hit the market back in 2008 for $7 million--has been been chopped again. New price: $4.95 million. If they keep on subtracting a mil, pretty soon it's just gonna be "the Lard House." Ba-dum-boom! [Curbed InBox]