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Biking Issues Get Some Ink After Mayor Goes Boom

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Is there any better way to get attention for more bike-friendly streets than to have the mayor almost get hit by a taxi? Probably not: early Saturday night Mayor Villaraigosa was riding down Venice Boulevard's bike lane when a cab pulled out in front of him, causing him to slam the brakes, lose control of his bike, and break his elbow, reported the Los Angeles Times. Biking advocate, blogger, and city council candidate Stephen Box wished the mayor a speedy recovery (he should be back at work this week) and expressed hope that the mayor would be more sympathetic to the needs of bikers.

"I'm hopeful that the Mayor will mend quickly and that he will soon be back on his bike and back on the streets," Box said in a statement. "I also am hopeful that he will work with me to make our streets safer for all users... Our streets are the new 'public space' and our ability to share that space is one of our greatest opportunities for revitalizing and redefining our communities."

This gives us an idea--all city politicians should be mandated to undergo the injustices regular Angelenos have to endure, e.g., fighting a parking ticket, waiting an hour for a late bus, or wading through the bureaucracy involved in opening a small business.
Venice Boulevard image by Omar Omar via Flickr
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