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Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Through Expo Line, Complete With Pesky Kids

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The Transit Coalition undertook an ambitious plan to film the western end of the old Pacific Electric Santa Monica Air Line right-of-way, which is slated to become the Expo Line light-rail to Santa Monica. The fruits of some of their labors is available now on Youtube via Expo's Facebook page. The video is quite a professional operation and features music from John Adams. A description of the filming process on the comments: "Using? a weighted camera balance and a lot of walking. Tracing the line on a map and driving all over the place to get to each section. Kind of a fun Sunday. The next part will be a bit more challenging, but we'll get there." Passing through the backroad tour of West LA, you can see some teenagers in Cheviot Hills (up to no good?), but no anti-Expo signs (yet).

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