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The Tin Man's Streamline Moderne in Hancock Park

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Someone pass the smelling salts and lead us to a fainting couch—this listing for a penthouse flat in the dreamboat Mauretania Apartments on Rossmore Avenue is making us weak in the knees. As this article in the Larchmont Chronicle explains, the 10-unit Streamline Moderne complex was designed in 1934 by Milton J. Black for Wizard of Oz Tin Man Jack Haley and his wife, Flo. The 4,000-square-foot penthouse was occupied by the Haleys for two decades, and by John F. Kennedy for four days in 1960.

Kennedy stayed here during the 1960 Democratic National Convention, when he was chosen as the party's presidential nominee. Per its listing, it features three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two formal dining rooms, a ballroom, original lighting, hardwood floors, leaded windows, built-in bookshelves, parking, washer/dryer, and air conditioning. Monthly rent is $4,950, but it'll take more than deep pockets to lease this place: The landmark structure is one of a string of buildings owned and operated by art deco fanatic Dave Goldstein, who requires all prospective tenants to submit personal essays demonstrating their worthiness, and finances are but one factor. Or, as the listing puts it, "If you're a regular person, don't bother calling." Ouch.--Pauline O'Connor
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520 Rossmore Avenue, los angeles