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Concerto Gets the City Ballet Treatment, Another Better Shelter in Glassell Park

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DOWNTOWN: You're not building in this city until you have your own dance. Downtown's sometimes-troubled condo complex Concerto has a whole series devoted to it--the City Ballet of Los Angeles's Concerto Project (Concerto architect Doug Hanson is a CBLA board member). LA Observed got a sneak peek back in May and quotes artistic director Robyn Gardenhire, who says "Concerto Project came about last year and focuses on the architectural aspects of dance." This year the series is being held in a loft space at the City National Plaza, with views of some of the architectural aspects of architecture. Last performance is this week. [Curbed InBox]

GLASSELL PARK: The Kogi Truck of the flipping scene, Better Shelter is back. Their latest is a three-bedroom, three-bath asking $399,000. Check it out here. [Curbed InBox]

City National Plaza

515 S. Flower St, Los Angeles, CA 90071