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Evo Developer Buys Long-Vacant Fifth and Rose Venice Site

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New fencing on the site
Venice, you may have just gotten yourself an upgrade courtesy of the real estate crash. Evo and Elleven developer Gerding Edlen has purchased that derelict-looking plot at the corner of Fifth and Rose, according to sources. It's not clear when actual construction will start, nor is it clear if there's a loan in place yet, but that construction fencing, spotted last night, is new. Building permits issued this week reference shoring work for a 70-unit apartment building with a restaurant and retail space. Barbara Hansen Flammang is listed as the architect (she is one half of Killefer Flammang Architects). Since Gerding Edlen, a Portland, Oregon-based developer doesn’t build shlock, there's a good chance that whatever is coming will end up looking better than what was originally planned.
Initially, developer Intracorp owned this site, having knocked down the Pioneer Bakery building (the family sold the site) for their proposed project, but then Intracorp ran into some sort of difficulties and the land was listed for sale. More recently, the site has turned into a magnet for all those RVs, the parcel highlighting the tensions between the RVers and those who want them gone. On the upside, a pretty terrific wine bar has opened across the street.

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