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The People on Crenshaw Subway Stop: Neh

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The Source has been conducting a poll on whether the Purple Line extension should include a stop at Wilshire and Crenshaw (pictured), and it turned out to be the site's most popular survey. After going head-to-head initially, the no votes seem to have come out ahead, with 61 percent (903 votes) to 39 percent (579 votes); voting is still permitted. At public meetings regarding the subway, some Hancock Park homeowners said the neighborhood wasn't dense enough to support a station, and that there wasn't enough jobs or retail in the vicinity. Others, not just from Hancock Park, said skipping the station would make for a quicker ride and a less expensive subway. On the flip side, some attendees argued that not including Crenshaw would lead to a "donut hole" in the rail system since Western and La Brea, the next stop, are two miles apart. A note below the poll states that the count will have no impact on whether Metro decides to include the station or not in their environmental impact report, which they plan on releasing later this month or August. Image from LAWad via Flickr
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