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Max Palevsky's George Washington Smith/Coy Howard House in Bev Hills

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Computer mogul and philanthropist Max Palevsky, who thought he should have been an architect, died in May, and now his long-time Beverly Hills house has hit the market (although it's not yet on the MLS). The six bedroom, five and a half bathroom house was designed by George Washington Smith and built in 1929, and Palevsky hired Coy Howard for a 1988 renovation. In an obituary, Aaron Betsky, the author of a book about Palevsky's houses, wrote "the Beverly Hills house was an attempt by Coy Howard to carve coherence out of a rambling, Spanish Revival villa. Over almost a decade, the architect sliced away at the white stucco walls, inserting marble slabs to create local symmetries. He added wooden slabs to extend the order and create relationships between the walls and the collection of Arts & Crafts furniture within the space. Everywhere you turned, your eye or your hand would find a moment of coherence etched into the walls, the ceilings, or the floors." Asking price is $12.5 million. No word yet on what will happen with Palevsky's Craig Ellwood house in Palm Springs.
· 841 Greenway Drive Beverly Hills [Jan Eric Horn]

841 Greenway Dr., Beverly Hills, CA