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Bermuda Grass Arrives at Downtown's LAPD Headquarters

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Hey, say hello to your new green lawn at downtown's LAPD headquarters, grass which replaces the tortured-looking brown lawn. According to a rep for the LAPD, the new lawn will be fenced off for the first month to give the grass an opportunity to get established. For the curious, this is Bermuda Grass. A tough, quickly growing grass used primarily in southern half of the US, Bermuda Grass (and its hybrids) are often used as turf on golf courses and soccer fields. Via the official site for Bermuda Grass: "This grass is a perennial sod former, dark green, drought resistant, low growing, fast repairing, full sun, has fair salt tolerance, can be mown closely, forms a dense turf, goes into dormancy when temperatures drop below 60 degrees and greens up fast when temperatures rise." Sounds like a solid grass. But some people complain it spreads and is hard to kill.
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