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City Buying Chinatown's Blossom Plaza Development Site

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What Bond Cos had planned for the site
Remember two years ago when developer Bond Cos was going to put up a big mixed-use housing and retail project on the site of the Little Joe's Restaurant in Chinatown? A Community Redevelopment Agency project, the whole development disappeared after Bond Cos filed for bankruptcy on the project in 2009. Well, old friend Blossom is coming back around. Two weeks ago, the City Council voted to purchase the site, which is currently owned by lender Prime Property Fund, and this morning, the Community Redevelopment Agency voted to back the deal. The site will be purchased for a $9.9 million, funded through CRA funds, federal transportation grant programs, and other funds. Requests for proposals from developers are now being sent out.

Little Joe's, Claimsmantoo, Flickr

Blossom Plaza

900 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA