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Shen Yun Performing Arts Vs. Eli Broad: New Proposal Emerges*

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Shen Yun Performing Arts rendered*, updated rendering
During a Community Redevelopment Agency meeting today to consider Eli Broad's plan for a downtown museum and accompanying garage, a strange thing happened: Representatives for Shen Yun Performing Arts, a performing arts and entertainment company, appeared before the agency, and said it has has repeatedly asked CRA to consider its proposal for a performing arts center (rendered) on the very site that will likely being leased to Eli Broad for his new museum. In other words, they want to put their 3,000 seat theater on the proposed Broad museum site. Shizong Chen, a spokesperson for the group, said he presented plans to City Councilwoman Jan Perry's office in March and presented plans for the site to Related Cos in April. "[Related] said they would get back to us, but never did," said Chen. Additionally, he said efforts to talk to the CRA earlier in the year were essentially ignored. What Chen wants, he said, is a public bidding process to be undertaken for the site. "We are asking for a public examination of all proposals, including ours," he said. But a source familiar with the proposed Grand Ave project says there's no need for a bidding process given that Related Cos already has the rights to the land, and questioned whether this move was a publicity stunt. The Los Angeles Times has more on the story.

· Eli Broad museum site gets preliminary city OK, but a rival arts use suddenly emerges [LAT]